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N5B Capital manages the investments and assets of Goosehead Insurance founders, Mark and Robyn Jones and their family.

About Us

N5B Capital is the family investment office for Mark and Robyn Jones, the founders of Goosehead Insurance (NASDAQ: GHSD).  N5B is focused on making high-quality investments with trusted partners.  We take a generalist approach focusing on businesses with current or potential strategic advantages, attractive growth profiles and strong management teams.  We currently have investments in a wide range of asset classes including financial services, private equity, media, consumer services, healthcare, legal tech, biotech, commercial real estate (office and hospitality), timberland, and venture capital.

Our Approach

N5B provides patient, flexible capital and seeks opportunities to add strategic and operational value based on our depth of strategic, financial and managerial experience.   We seek to work with a select set of partners that share our values, invest their own capital, and have demonstrated strong track records of success (whether operationally or through prior investments).

We focus our investments in middle market companies with strong growth potential.  Our holdings are generally non-control situations where we invest with, or alongside of, trusted partners.  We will entertain control investments that leverage specific expertise we have developed.  We do not invest directly in startups or highly speculative asset classes.

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